Wednesday, September 16, 2015

loosen up

A couple of months ago, I offered a sale on Instagram (@robindanely, if you're so inclined) for the kind of quick study I usually do as practice before the finished piece. I figured out that I like to do these the most, since they are usually devoid of the hair-pulling that can accompany the Real Thing. Somehow I can let them be more impressionistic and less precise, and I can stop before I overwork them and kill everything that makes them interesting.

So, basically, this is what I have to do to psych myself out of my perfectionism so I can enjoy what I'm doing. 

Here's the first one:

I'm so please with the way it turned out... the colors are soft, the brushstrokes expressive and uncomplicated. Honestly I think sometimes I just luck out and everything comes together. 

(And also, to be fair, this was an absolutely dreamy image to work with -- the light! That coy half-smile!)

I'm excited to do more, so don't be shy if you want one of your very own. 


Monday, September 7, 2015


There have been some other interesting developments around here... 

That's five months of baby right there! We are all very excited, especially Auden & Isla, who, it's safe to say, have no idea what they're in for. Those of us who do know are tempering our excitment with denial and anxiety. 

I have been wanting a third baby since Isla was a toddler, even though I couldn't admit it at the time -- I would repeatedly talk myself out of an urge that seemed rooted in utter craziness. Since then, after three more moves -- two of which were international -- I'm starting to feel like craziness might actually be an asset, not a deterrent. 

So here we are! Looking forward to meeting the newest Danely in January.