Tuesday, February 10, 2009

things worth noting: with colons

The paradox of the blogging life: when you have time to blog, it means there's not a lot worth noting. When everything goes gangbusters all at once, you don't have any time to write it down.

Gangbusters: first steps, first tooth. In that order. Followed by two nights in a row of 8:00pm to 5:30am sleeping.

And lest I start getting too comfortable with that: another tooth on its way. After all this time, I half-expect them ALL to pop through at once.

Also: we were making some strides with eating oatmeal and fruits other than pears, but now Auden is on a strict cracker-only diet and relegating everything else to the floor.

"Mona Lisa Smile" photo by Grandma Stoub

Oh, baby mine: how do you try my last nerve and charm my very sensibilities in the same blessed minute?


Friday, February 6, 2009

as promised

Roses are so cliche... how about a tulip for Valentine's Day? And a brooding guy in the corner.

I'm going to post a few more over the weekend, check in later! Tell your friends!


one way to have tulips in february

Is to make them yourself:

Valentines coming soon to Etsy...