Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hippie legacy

My mom made this awesome African safari hooded muumuu shirt when she was pregnant with my older brother in 1974.

I can distinctly remember a picture of her wearing it, on the farm where she & my dad lived when they were first married. I also seem to remember stories of her killing & plucking chickens when she was 8 months pregnant on that very farm.

She didn't wear it with me because I was a summer baby, and as she likes to remind me, it was HOT that year.

I inherited it, though, since my brother's not getting pregnant any time soon. It was perfect timing, as I'm running out of clothes that fit.

At first I wasn't sure I could rock it... J laughs at me whenever I wear it, but so far I've gotten nothing but compliments from everyone else. I'll wear my hippie legacy with pride, thank you very much.



Mieke said...
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Mieke said...

I know the picture you're talking about. You're even posing like her! You look beautiful babe-I wish I could be out there with you!

Renato said...

Awesome! Very cute pictures. Like, wow, man look at all the colors. I can totally feel the earth in it. Don't mind those cynical 2-leggeds, they don't know fashion from a pile of corn-pone.