Thursday, April 17, 2008

the unbearable cuteness of being*

I will now shamelessly join rank with countless other new parents who post video of their child doing absolutely nothing:

Genius! Hiccups AND sneezes!

*apologies to Kundera


Anonymous said...
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kathy said...

Oh dear God! An angel... What a hoot! Big fat kisses to you all. Much love to you Robin. Have to get ready for my h. visit. Thanks for posting the video, it will bring light to my h. visit!

jennie said...

he's perfect! and perfectly adorable too


K. DeVries said...

Hi Robin :)
I'm at work and I was just checking in to see pictures of Auden (my God, what a beautiful perfect name, I love him), and I read your birth story, and now I'm crying happily in the cafeteria at the hospital.
I love you!
-Katie DV