Saturday, May 17, 2008

pound a week

Okay, I'm blogging at 8am on a Saturday to tell you that there's no way I can possibly tell you all the brilliant and blog-worthy goings-on. The days are still a blur. Auden is smiling now -- great gummy flirty open-mouthed smiles that light me up (even at 4:30 in the morning). And he slept for four and a half hours IN A ROW last night. I've heard stories about this much sleep! Can it finally be true?

I've been going to a breastfeeding support group meeting every week to get out of the house and shoot the shit with other new moms. An added bonus is that I can weigh Auden and see how much milk he's getting at each feeding.

Apparently there is a three-week growth spurt and a six-week growth spurt, where baby is eating almost constantly and gaining quickly. I think Auden never took a break between growth spurts, as it seems to be his style to eat every hour and to put on nearly a pound a week. (!)

The other day he weighed in at 12lbs 10oz -- that's five pounds since birth. I had to dress him in this cute stripey outfit before he busts out of it:

And my good friend Beth came for a visit last weekend. She cooked and washed and displayed great new holds for calming fussy star-bellied sneeches:


Time for coffee!


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Mieke said...

Hey honey! ! Happy belated first mother's day. Glad to see he's gettin big.

Funny I saw Patty yesterday at the grocery store. Looks like the Campbells are around and well.