Thursday, October 16, 2008

the walking dead

Okay, not only did I have the longest, most graphic and disturbing dream about zombies the other night, but I'm starting to feel like one during the day, too.

Or, in other words, fear of sleep: redux!

I got a little cocky after those first few nights of abundant sleep, see, and figured we were on the up and up. Now I feel as though I've passed through the looking glass, and this is some wacky experiment where the hypotheses are actually the variables and the conclusions are anybody's guess -- there's been lots and lots of guessing, second-guessing, too! -- which makes for less sleeping and more living dead.

We were going to extend the nighttime sleep training to naps, which did not go over well (I'm not sure the CIO people intend for there to be two hours of crying, and then 30 minutes of sleeping) and then the nighttime success started to unravel, too. He started waking up every hour after going down, or every hour after being fed, sometimes crying for an hour and a half. So, this leaves me, what, 2 or 3 hours during which to dream about zombies?

Last night was actually okay, but after eating humble pie all week, don't think I'm about to brag about it. In fact, remind me not to write anything else about babies sleeping until, say, 2012, when this is all comfortably behind us. Knock on wood. But quietly, so you don't wake my sleeping baby.



Emily said...

Oh, my dear, I so feel your pain, I can hardly stand it.

I hope it is comforting to hear, not frustrating, but Joshua, who was, by my research, the worst sleeper I've ever heard of (for a while there I was relishing the two-hour window of sleep that I was getting when Martin would take Joshua from 5am to 7am), and now: goes to bed willingly, sleeps (mostly) through the night, takes a two-hour nap mid-day. I promise, this CAN happen.

Perservere when you can, call someone to come save you when you can't.

Love and valium vibes,

trudi said...

Oh Robin... we have all been there! It seems a thing of the very distant foggy past for me, but I do remember the saga with Rachel. If there is any encouragement in this, you should know that Auden will figure it out and so will you! Persist with whatever plan you decide works for your own sanity. Rachel spent time crying in the night and she turned out OK. I think that was the worst part... the crying in the night! I think I remember a pillow over my head and a crib moved into the living room so we wouldn't hear the crying as much. When I think back, it seems so horrible. But we survived and so did Rachel.
Hope we can see you over Thanksgiving.