Tuesday, February 10, 2009

things worth noting: with colons

The paradox of the blogging life: when you have time to blog, it means there's not a lot worth noting. When everything goes gangbusters all at once, you don't have any time to write it down.

Gangbusters: first steps, first tooth. In that order. Followed by two nights in a row of 8:00pm to 5:30am sleeping.

And lest I start getting too comfortable with that: another tooth on its way. After all this time, I half-expect them ALL to pop through at once.

Also: we were making some strides with eating oatmeal and fruits other than pears, but now Auden is on a strict cracker-only diet and relegating everything else to the floor.

"Mona Lisa Smile" photo by Grandma Stoub

Oh, baby mine: how do you try my last nerve and charm my very sensibilities in the same blessed minute?



Anonymous said...

hey, you gotta post some more little videos. People gots ta see the walking! (good luck with videos of teeth however)

meeks said...

he looks like such a little man! I can't wait to see you guys