Wednesday, September 9, 2009

take out and delivery

When I found out I was pregnant with Auden, I was so clueless about what to do that I called Planned Parenthood. They were like, uhhh, yeah, you're going to want to find an obstetrician... we take care of the whole before-you-get-pregnant thing. This time around, I was only slightly more savvy. I called my "regular" doctor (whom I had seen just once... we're new to Milwaukee, remember), and she recommended an OB in the same hospital. So I went.

I knew even before the first visit though that I wasn't at all interested in having a baby at a hospital, and although I ended up telling the triage nurse all about my plans to look into birth centers and midwives in the area, I didn't know how to broach that subject with the doc. So when we met and she asked whether I had any questions for her, I cheerfully shrugged and said, "nope!" to which she responded with a rather quizzical look. (Honestly, though, this has always been a weird dynamic for me: I feel like I should have questions for doctors -- questions that are complex and intriguing and show how very smart I am -- but I kind of shut down and clam up in those offices) So I left the hospital feeling oddly scandalous, like an undercover agent.

I kept up the deceit through subsequent visits, and I know it's utterly ridiculous, but now feel like I'm going to have to break up with her. And I'll most likely blurt out something like, "I was just using you for your ultrasound machine!" After we go over those results of course. Which, oooh, here, have a look:

Whee! Little hands and little spine and little hip bones and little heart with four chambers!

Where was I? Oh yes: after a little research and an info-seminar on "Birthing Options," we found a great midwife and decided that we are going to have this baby at home.

We loved our experience at the birth center in San Diego, and this time we feel even more confident. As in, there's no way I'm having another 27-hour labor, and hey, anything shorter than 14 will be a comparative breeze! Plus, I really love the idea of not having to drive anywhere in February.

Jason said, "It's like take-out!"



Emily said...

Awesome! The doctor probably wasn't used to women who are relaxed and confident about their pregnancies and giving birth, and expects her patients to grill her on everything under the sun, starting with the natural birth/c-section statistics of the hospital, how the OB feels about episiotomes and doulas right on down to amnionic tests and etc... I think people tend to be very high demand with OBs, so she was probably shocked that you had no issues. Just tell her you're doing a home birth and be prepared to nod and ignore if she tries to scare you into hospital birth.

ms. c said...

Of course, I'm not pregnant again yet... But I have pretty much come to the same conclusion. Sounds pretty awesome to me, and now I'm thrilled that I will have you as a fountain of info when it is time.
Btw, you are looking AWESOME.

Caro said...

Sounds great.

meeks said...

so are you saying that secret agents are NOT complex and intriguing and very smart? Seriously robin... how rude