Sunday, October 17, 2010


And it turns out I do keep functioning after two months of the worst sleep deprivation of my life -- even after days of getting up at 5am, even after nights of waking up EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR, even after weeks and weeks of not more than two hours at a stretch -- which is really kind of a shame because I want to make good on my threats to Go Off the Deep End. I think Jason won't take me seriously until I stop combing my hair and go a little twitchy-eyed.

But I was going to write a bunch of stuff and now I forgot what it was, so "functioning" is to be interpreted liberally, I guess.

Isla is nearly walking. WALKING. She's not even nine months old yet. She doesn't even have any teeth yet. The other day she was jamming on the "demo" buttons of Auden's keyboard (which is her favorite toy EVAR), and she raised herself to standing and then started doing a little booty-shake to the music. Of course the minute we whipped out the flip camera to document, she went all Warner Brother's Frog on us.

Auden decided to start calling me mamblah today.


Oh! And I finished making Auden's costume for Halloween. I accomplished this in five-minute increments over the past six weeks. You, too, can ralize your dremz!

And, zzzzzmmppphhhhtttt.



Emily of Deutschland said...


Oh dear.

Now I just don't know what to say about that. That is shitty toast yer eating right there. God, I hope that when Isla finally really starts walking, she breathes a long sigh of relief and sleeps for three days straight.

Well... maybe she should wake up for a few hours here and there.

Poor friend. I wish you sleep and dreams instead of just dreamz.

Robin Danely said...

Thanks Emily... knowing your history with the sleep-depo, I really feel the love.

ms. c said...

I'm so sorry for the lack of sleep, but I love your updates.

Given the latest scary turn of events in my household (er, body), this post does kinda scare me.

If I were closer, I would come and give Isla a stern talking to. Because the child should not be walking. What, is she trying to kill you? Or wait, the lack of sleep might kill you first.

I hope not. Because I really like it when you comment on my blog. Thanks for checking in and doing that.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: This too shall pass! And before you know it, these stages are a distant memory and you begin to wonder what you thought was so hard about it (not really, but it does fade a litte!).

Andrea said...

OMG Robin. Please post more. This life you have is too good.

Miss you all........

And you had me LOL...... dang girl.