Monday, September 5, 2011

earthquake, hurricane

"Hello! Welcome to Rhode Island!" says the earth's crust. "Welcome to the east coast!" says the earth's surface air currents.

We made it through the road trip, through the move, and through the dramatic weather (no adverse effects from Irene, but incurred plenty of damage from two small dervishes cooped up inside the house all day).

The hardest part has been that we have no internet connection. It's embarassing to admit that because WOE IS YOU, First World Privileges. But it has made the myriad tasks of settling in and setting up that much more tricky and time consuming. For example, I'm composing this post from a Kindle, which is rather like pecking out morse code on a remote contriller. Oops, let me fix that typo with some white out, hold on a sec...

Those two paragraphs alone took 45 minutes!

So, there's lots more to say but Curious George is over and so's my carpal dexterity. Look for my next post: hammered out on a Smith Corona and stapled to a telephone pole in your neighborhood.

Up next, emotional aftershocks and tropically stormy thoughts!

1 comment:

trudi said...

I'll be looking for the messages on our telephone pole! What's up with your internet anyway? It seems like that connection is taking way too long. Hope you get connected soon. I could identify with the Kindle pecking since that's what I do on my touch iPod when we travel. It leads to short emails!