Saturday, May 12, 2012

time lapse

Meanwhile, the portraits continue.

This is the youngest one to date, at 6 months old. What a little dumpling!

I attempted to create a time-lapse movie while I was painting, which was a little laborious and the quality is not that great, but here it is anyway:

I think I spend about 75% of the time terrified of painting and wanting to run away. I have to tell myself over and over just to bring the brush to the surface and keep going. Eventually the piece starts to come together and I find some confidence in placing the paint just so, but MAN. The first hour I'm like a pre-schooler hopped up on sugar and can't sit still... Maybe I'll check the mail! Maybe I'll make a phone call! My fingernails need cutting! The books need alphabetizing!

Most of the work happens on the palette mixing colors, and then in my head as I wrestle with self-doubt. Too bad there's no time-lapse image of that.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, man, you are so much your father's daughter when it comes to getting brush to surface! It is amazing how many side projects can get done just before that happens. Jan