Wednesday, November 7, 2012

orange polka dot

Amidst the homework, the portrait-painting, the Halloween costumes, the hurricane, the election hullabaloo... I have found time to make teeny tiny slippers for Isla. One has to have priorities.*

Last year at this time I was up to my eyeballs in slipper-making, and pining for my paints. Now the tables are completely turned, and I find myself looking longingly at my sewing machine and keeping lists of all the projects I want to start...

I really need to make a new pair of slippers for myself -- and I need to do my homework and make dinner and oh yeah portraits -- but I cannot be reasonable when taken with the need to make adorable things for children.

The toddler version was so much faster, and then also gave me the excuse to appropriate these little clip-on puffs:

At first Isla was mad that I put the flower fabric on the inside, and then she insisted that I make them BIGGER, like the vintage turquoise heels of mine that she loves wearing around the house.

(I made that ridiculous skirt, too... I am totally nuts)

But eventually she warmed up to them, and willingly puts them on herself. If you have ever had a two-and-a-half year old, you know this is a Major Accomplishment.

So now maybe her feet will stay warm, even if her legs are bare. In November. In our drafty house. Because, SKIRTS, mama.

*In all seriousness: I don't post about politics, because it's complicated and I just don't make the time to do it (plus I feel like it would necessitate a long back-story about my radical street theatre days, which includes dancing in my underwear in downtown San Francsico, so consider yourself spared), but today I feel compelled to say: waking up with the promise of affordable health care, the right to decide whether and how to procreate, the right of my gay friends to get married,  the financial relief of income-based student loan repayment, among many other things -- all of those hard-won social policies still in tact, is joyous indeed and worthy of celebration. I'll save my thoughts about bank-bailouts, nuclear weapons, drone strikes, Guantanamo prisons, etc, etc. for another time.

Now, back to painting!


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Anonymous said...

Robin - these are oh, so cute. But then so is the little girlie-girl wearing them! Jan