Saturday, September 22, 2007

mystery advice

I heard about a thing called a "Maternity Pass Book" that they give to pregnant ladies in Japan -- it's a little booklet for your personal and medical information, with spaces for your doctor to fill in the necessary records of each prenatal visit. I also heard there were coupons & other valuable tidbits included. I went to the Neighborhood Ward Office to seek it out, and after some very confusing instructions from the lady at window #24, I took the map she'd given me and made my way to a different building, which I finally realized was the place for Mother & Child Health and Welfare Services. Sheesh -- why didn't she say so?

I got the Pass Book, which did in fact include coupons, and a voucher for a free dental exam, as well as a supplemental guide with advice for a healthy pregnancy. My favorite was in the dental hygiene section, where among the usual reminders to brush after every meal and stop eating so much sugar, was this: "Avoid Eating Lazily."

What could it possibly mean?!

Lazily is the only way I eat lately. I take two hours to eat breakfast, after which it's usually time for lunch.

Here's the cool keychain I got:

It says, I have a baby in me! Give up your seat, ya jerk!


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jenny said...

That keychain is amazing and so adorable. It is so interesting to hear about prenatal care in other countries, I really haven't read that much about it; or many people that have experienced it. Give me more info, I love it!
I love you and miss you!