Monday, October 1, 2007


Last night I went to a friend's house for dinner. She's Filipina and made a delicious batch of Adobo. She asked if I'd ever had Filipino food before; apparently I'd neglected to tell her that J's mom is Filipina, and she and grandma make Panak Bet and Opo and Halo Halo and other things... We laughed about that -- it seems such a glaring omission now -- and informed the part-Filipino baby to get ready for the food of its people. Ahhh, delicious, thanks Joon!

Tonight I made a dish that J and I lovingly call "the favorites" : sweet and sour fried tofu, with stir-fried broccoli. This is a labor of love, but is so so worth it. Tonight I burned the bejesus out of my middle finger while deep-frying the tofu, but it was still worth it. I decided to make it as a way to pay K back for making AMAZING lasagne over the weekend (even after me saying I hadn't ever really loved the food of her people). Being pregnant has rearranged all my food rules.

I've noticed in the past week an almost inhuman ablility to pack food away. And then continue being hungry.

Tonight as I cooked, I complained about my stretch pants, how they were binding at my waist and generally uncomfortable. K laughed at me for thinking I could continue to wear pre-pregnancy clothes and fetched me a looser pair. Ahhh, thanks friend. I guess it's about time I gained some weight.

I read that right about now -- the 16th week -- I can expect to experience "quickening," the fluttering feeling of the baby's movements. I might have, I'm not exactly sure what to be on the lookout for. But for sure I've got some thickening going on. Alright!


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