Thursday, October 25, 2007

pants and "pan-tsu"

I've been living in K's sweatpants lately, as none of my pants fit anymore. I know I'll be able to find decent clothes once I return to the States, but pickins are slim in Kyoto.

I was downtown with my friend Joseph the other day, and I thought I'd stop in at the Gap to see if they have maternity wear. I didn't see anything, but asked a sales clerk just to be sure.

Mataniti no fuku utte-imasu ka? I asked, Pan-tsu toka? (Do you sell maternity clothes, pants and such?)

Nai, the clerk said, waving her hand in front of her from left to right in that characteristic Japanese way.

When we left, Joseph reminded me that pan-tsu is what Japanese people call underwear. Zubon is what we would call pants, or trousers. Oops!

Shortly after we announced our pregnancy to J's parents in August, I made a point of saying I wouldn't be caught dead in pants with that dreaded belly panel. Allow me now to eat my words, and say: Halleluia for the belly panel!

J found a maternity extravaganza store in Osaka, where I bought both pants and pan-tsu, which go nearly to my armpits and are the most comfortable thing I've worn in weeks.


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