Wednesday, November 5, 2008



And, ditto.

I went out volunteering yesterday morning, knocking on doors to remind folks to get to the polls (as if they needed reminding!) and have never felt so connected and inspired. The excitement was palpable; the groundswell of participation was awesome.

Obama said this victory is for us -- US! -- and that's what gives me so much hope for his presidency. We are ready to shed the cynicism and shame of the last 8 years and be active players in our democracy and our future.

Obama will be our president, not our savior... as much as ever, it is up to us to stay involved. For the first time in a long time, I feel dedicated to such a thing. I'm giddy about it, even!

I am savoring this victory, for its promise and its precedent. I am relieved, I am proud, and I am indescribably grateful.




Emily said...

Huzzah indeed.

I am so relieved and happy about this, I can hardly even speak. Thank God for a new page being turned. I am overcome.

I even taught J to yell "Obama! Obama!" I couldn't help myself. :)

trudi said...

It's a great day indeed! Paul and I were still working to get out the vote on Tues. afternoon. Imagine, there were still Obama supporters who needed to be told to get out to the polls! I too am so inspired to keep working for change in our communities. I have been giddy, filled with emotion, and so full of hope all day today!! What an amazing election!


meeks said...

Jo'bama! for the first time in a while, i actually have hope for this country.