Thursday, December 18, 2008

art day

Thursday is art day now. Jason stays home and chases Auden while I fiddle with paper and glue in my studio. I'm supposed to be making new pieces for the group show in Cedarburg in February -- I actually have a deadline, have I ever had a deadline? -- but as you can see, I'm making a mess instead. I like to call it warming up, not procrastinating.

I've been inspired lately by Randal Plowman, whose blog A Collage a Day has lit a virtual fire under my butt and motivated me to start several small collages and work quickly.

Eventually I'll dust off the ol' Etsy site and post some new stuff... but for now I'm just happy to have my materials out and ideas percolating.


1 comment:

meeks said...

oh my. you will come to love an loath the deadline. the day before is such a rush!