Saturday, December 20, 2008

unclear on the concept

Okay, is it just me, or do babies hate toys made for babies? If I were a toy manufacturer, or hey, someone who does research about what toy manufacturers should make, basing my ideas on observation alone I would make baby-friendly versions of all of the following:

  • stereo receivers
  • remote controls
  • phones
  • brooms and dust pans
  • books
  • cats
Because all the educational-plastic-rainbow-colored-multi-textured-bells-and-whistles stuff holds the attention for maybe 30 seconds. A watch, on the other hand? A flashlight? The camera? Anything with batteries? Utterly compelling.



Fenna Diephuis Stoub said...

ok, I get your point having been there myself. You must also note that a key component of these baby friendly versions of adult toys must be strategically located so that said baby thinks they are forbidden. And they must be able to morph into new things after a few days. Curiosity rules the sensory motor center of the universe.

Robin Danely said...

okay, so remote controllers inside plastic bags inside cabinets with spinny knobs? got it.

ms. c said...

The mouse! Sacha loves the mouse. And the ketchup bottle for some strange reason.

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

and let us not forget anything that's sharp, pointy, and/or chokeable.

because those are their favorites.


Unknown said...

Totally get that.

And thank you for your comment. MJ is a super expressive baby. I love photographing him.

Anonymous said...

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