Saturday, March 7, 2009

i just blinked

A trip to Grand Rapids, a trip to Atlanta, sleep schedule all messed up, computer on the fritz, and egad, a month has gone by...

I have been composing posts in my head only to have them wither into lame Facebook status updates by the time I get a few minutes to myself. But OMG, we totally took the train and saw the grandparents and I had a raging hangover after a night out with some old high school pals, and I got a facial, and then we went to Atlanta to visit Jason's sister and Auden met his cousins and it SNOWED in Georgia and Auden flirted with our neighbor on the plane and he's doing this hilarious thing where he imitates the way I throw my head back and laugh except he just opens his mouth with no laughing, and he's also suddenly copying the way we hold the phone to our ears and what's next, I'll have to stop swearing?

I'll post more pictures soon but for now I'll slap up some videos I managed to take of Auden's emerging Evil Kneivel-ness.

From first tentative steps:

To accomplished tumbling:

To tumbling out of his crib:

[What, no video?]

Um, yeah. No.

Jason was on bedtime-duty while I was out at figure drawing class last night and when I came home he told me he went to check on Auden because he was crying and then he heard a big thunk and realized before he got into the bedroom that THIS KID IS NOT IN HIS CRIB. It's nobody's fault, just, arrggghhh, I thought to myself that morning "Hmmm, he's getting kind of taller and maybe we shouldn't leave the crib gate down, I think the instructions say don't leave it down EVER." Don't turn us in to CPS, please.


Now it's March! And in a few short weeks Auden turns 1. Egad.

I'm composing another ode to my quick-growing baby, because holy cats when did a whole YEAR go by? I can't garauntee it will actually coincide with his birthday, but stay tuned.


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Emily said...

re: babies grow up fast...

I never have been able to give up swearing. Recently I dropped something while trying to get J out the door, and J pauses and says "Dammit!" in JUST my tone of voice. Hem. We'll just be ignoring that one, won't we? But #$**/<>!!!##, who wants to give up swearing? All the German kindergartners in J's class are going to be cussing in English.