Saturday, August 1, 2009

how I unwind

Ahhhh, the baby is asleep for the night.

I can finally relax.

A delicious and fortified and edifying dinner is waiting for me. I'm going to eat it on the couch while one of my lovely assistants rubs my feet and another prepares fresh fruit compote over ice cream for dessert. There will be something interesting on TV, the dishes will do themselves, and I will find a pile of money under the couch cushions.

Oh no wait. This is actually what's going on:




meeks said...

haven't you heard? messy is the new black

Emily said...

Yeah, that clutter is just your newest statement on collage. Couldn't you just slap some glue to all of it and roll it out evenly on a canvas, or take close-up pictures of the jumble and call it art day?

robin said...

I like how you two think.

Ms. C said...

This scene seems vaguely familiar...

Anonymous said...

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