Thursday, May 27, 2010

grandma jo


I've been on the fence about whether to post this. But it feels like a gaping omission if I don't.

My lovely grams died last month, at age 92. We drove to Michigan in time to see her alive one last time, and I had the honor of doing this sketch a few hours after she passed:

The image isn't complete without this this poem that my cousin wrote, which she read at the memorial service.

My Grandma's Arms

Babies cradled, flowers tended
Arms made strong with years of stirring, kneading
Hands that spent years caring for others

Fingers and hands composed many cards and letters
Arms that prepared delicious meals
Hands that created blankets for children

Loving arms that kept us close
Many years of work and wear
Now held in her Lord's arms.

-Rachel Redman (April 30, 2010)

Grandma Jo, we love you and miss you.



Emily said...

That's a beautiful piece, Robin - and a beautiful story behind it. Sorry to hear you had to let someone go who was dear.

ms. c said...

Beautiful sketch.
I'm so sorry for your loss.