Friday, June 4, 2010


"Mama chase you?"
"I'm not going to chase you right now."
"I chase myself?"
"Yeah, I'd like to see that."

"I see excavator!"
"Do you see an excavator?"
"I ride it?"
"No, you can't ride on it."
"I ride it?"
"I ride it?"
"I see another excavator?"
"I ride that one?"

"Oh, there's the baseball stadium."
"I play baseball!"
"I try it?"
"Mama try it, too?"
"Yeah, I'll try it too."
"Papa try it, too?"
"Sure, papa too."
"Auden try it, too?"
"Yep, everyone will try it."
"Isla try it, too?"

"Red light!"
"Yes, the light is red."
"Red light, go!"
"No, silly, red light, stop."
"Red light, go!"
"No, red light, stop."
"Red light, go!"
"You're headed for a crash if you drive that way."

"We go this way?"
"Where, to Kohl's?"
"Yah! Shopping toys?"
"No, not today."
"No, honey."
"No, we're not going to Kohl's."
"No, we're going home."
"... ?"


Anonymous said...

Remember how excited you were for him to talk?:)

ms. c said...

We have similar conversation in this house. So awesome.
(Excpet for the crying ones in Toys R Us that have Sacha hiccuping: "Mommy BUUUUY it! Sacha GEEET it". Where did he learn that? I am so careful to not even talk about buying asparagus anymore!)
Oh, and I love that Auden uses "I". Very advanced!

Mieke Stoub said...

Oh for crying in the mud

Emily said...

Kohl's, Mama?

BWAAaaa-hahahahahaha. Today, Joshua asked me to squat down to his level, which I did. Then he got up really close to my ear, and whispered, ever so hopefully, 'watch?' (By which he meant "can I watch some t.v. even though I already watched one show today, which is my limit, I know, but look, I'm being so cute and irresistible, maybe that does something to change your mind?")

It made me laugh with my head thrown back, it was so cute. Then I said no. Auden is hilarious!