Sunday, March 20, 2011

fashion forward

It has occurred to me that back in the day when moms sewed clothes for their kids, they didn't also take 20 pictures and format them and post them around the neighborhood to boast about their fine craftsmanship. Or craftswomanship, or whatever. But I can't sew without boasting! I'm so new millennium! Me me me!

And by extension, she she she! Because, so cute:

I used the tutorial for the 90-minute shirt by Dana over at Made. I LOVE her site... it's full of cool, do-able projects, and she breaks it down with great instructions and amazing pictures. Every time I check out her site there's something else I want to try.

This tutorial shows how to make a baby shirt from a grown-up shirt, an option I hadn't considered before, but now am in danger of considering far too often because I already spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME in thrift stores and this just means I have to look through ALL the t-shirts and not just the ones in my size. Really, it's perfect for me because I want baby clothes that are interesting, not just cutesy. And of course I'm Dutch through and through which means I love saving money when I spend money.

Go try it! You'll like it!


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Sarah @ said...

LOL I was thinking the same thing the other day. I sewed a dress for my girl and took about fifty pictures of it in blind pride. Then I showed it to my mom and she found approximately seven billion little problems with it (this was my first time sewing ANYTHING, which is going to remain my excuse for as long as possible lol). And while I was busy being amazed the women used to make all their kids' clothes from scratch, my mom was amazed that I took pictures of it when I did =P