Thursday, July 14, 2011

in medias, rest

I was aiming to have this commission finished before the Great Move, but I am now conceding that it isn't going to happen.

It's a relief. I can't force things to go when they won't, and at this point I think it's better to put them away for a few weeks. Try as I might, I can't avoid this step: the one where I take a break.

So. I'll have new eyes when I unpack them, and I will know what to do next. I might even know how to solve the problem of color correcting my pictures in Photoshop. Because I am totally befuddled at the moment -- I don't know if this is what they look like, I've been looking at them too long:

In my last post I lamented about killing them -- all but erasing the underlying movement and quirky daubs of orange -- and although I'm still not satisfied with how they look at the moment, I'm no longer on the verge of tossing them on the pyre and starting over completely. So that's good.

Here are some close-ups of the bones, so you can see a little more of the texture from all the layers:

Here's the previous layer, the first resuscitation attempt:

And then I worked some more ochre over the gray and added some more definition to the bones:

They've gotten soft and quiet, subtle. Is that what I meant to do? Did I cover up the best part? Did the paint get away from me, or am I just being reluctant in following where they are meant to go?

Well. Let's let our eyes have a rest, shall we? Let the questions settle. There are boxes to pack and goodbyes to say.



Emily of Deutschland said...

For the record, I love where they are going. I know, I know - they're for my man, not me, but still.

Also for the record: I hate having goodbyes to say. I will hold you in my thoughts and think positive thoughts about breaking out for new shores and finding new adventures.

Anonymous said...

I think they improved greatly in that last step. I'm curious where you will go next, they look done to me :)


Robin Danely said...

Aw shucks, you two. Thanks for the good ju-ju -- I need it on all fronts.

Don't worry, they won't change TOO much... I think they're aaaaalmost done.

Also: the color correction issue is more pressing than I thought -- they're not nearly so vibrantly orangey-yellow. Yeesh. I'll get it right and post again.

Anonymous said...

I got them things installed, what you hang art from and stuff!

Looking very professional and artsy. Except for the lack of art, so it's looking sy, I guess :)

Hope you're settling in well, take your time.


P.S.: I was going to offer you lots of my ju-ju, but it sounds wrong... ;)