Friday, July 1, 2011

four panels, evolving

The four-paneled commission piece I'm working on is moving right along... I haven't had this kind of discipline & determination since the sphenoid piece a couple of years ago. It feels good. Here are the first three layers of the first panel, the first cervical (atlas) bone:

Once I had transferred the line drawing of the bone onto the canvas, I had to tone down the surrounding colors to integrate it a little better. My technique is usually to start with some bold blocks of colors, and then soften them with more layers on top. I like it when the brighter colors peek through more muted colors on top. It also helps me keep things loose as I go along, almost accidental.

Here are all four of the panels together, from when I was trying out compositions with the bones, to the next, more integrated phase:

you can click to make it bigger, you know

I was feeling pretty good about this layer, but I wasn't sure about the little orange blobs. Are they playful? Do they accentuate the underlying movement of each composition? Are they just weird and reminiscent of bodily fluids?

Stay tuned! In the next episode I kill the paintings and attempt to bring them back!


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MV said...

I like it a lot and it is not rem. of body fluids. Body fluids are less orange, more brown and slightly more clear (as in not opaque). I am curious if the bones themselves will show at all in the end, like in the other work I had seen, or if it will be more abstract. I think I would perfer that, but that's only because I always prefer what I already know, bit boring and anal like that. So please, as you know much more about beauty and art, do whatever feels right, I can already tell they will look awesome in my office.

By the way - we never talked about money. Was that very stupid of me? :)

Love, M