Tuesday, November 29, 2011

slipper season!

I got out all my slipper-making materials again...

I still have acres of this brown velvet, and even though it's maddening to work with -- the nap makes the contrasting fabric catch and shift like crazy, even after I've pinned it -- the end result is so nice that I'll put up with the hassle:

I went back and forth on the yellow buttons... it was either those or a pair of more subdued pearly grays. I chose COLOR, can you believe it? And you know how much I love gray.

Now I'm going to make it really easy for you to buy them: Click a button! Wheeeee!

(They're $30, with $5 for shipping & handling)

All the slippers I make are mostly recycled materials, thrifted and repurposed curtains, skirts, jackets, and suede pants. (Trust me, no one was EVER going to wear those pants again. They were hideous.) The flannel lining is store-bought, as is the thread and the cushion insole between the lining and the leather sole. This pair is a size 6, or 23.5 cm. I've got materials leftover, though, so give a holler if you want them in a different size!

I'll be posting other new pairs soon... so watch out for more awesome fabric combinations and candy-colored buttons. I know, I know: COLOR. I'm amazed, too.


ps. the genius behind this design is Cheri at Shoeology on Etsy... you can buy the pattern there.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin - how about some 9 1/2 size slippers? I REALLY want to push that button.:) And wear the slippers....