Friday, December 2, 2011

stars upon thars

I thrifted this awesome star sweater a couple weeks ago and finally made it into this sweet shirt:

I finally figured out that candy is the secret to a successful photo shoot.

And even then I only get a small window of time before the sugar (and the mischief) kick in.

This one's for sale too! (er, the shirt, not the kid, although some days that's debabtable...)

It's 60% cotton, 40% acrylic, wash cold and tumble dry regular heat. It's a double-thick knit, so it's really cushy & cozy. Size 12 - 18 months (unless you're Isla, who is 22 months and barely 20 pounds. Still pushing the chocolate pudding).

$15 for the shirt
$3 for shipping

I still have some fabric left if you love it but want it in a different size! 



Anonymous said...

Love the snazzy pink pants too! Jan

Jan said...

I am trying to not be anonymous anymore.

Cara said...

Still so amazed at all the STUFF you can MAKE. Wow.
And terrifically cute kid.

Mieke Stoub said...
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Mieke Stoub said...

You sure make some cute things... clothes AND people!