Tuesday, June 3, 2008

goodbye, California...

Sunday afternoon we strapped Auden into the bjorn and went on a long walk in Los Penasquitos Canyon.

It was a typical southern California day: wide blue sky, golden hills, relentless sun. We spent most of the walk with our heads in the Midwest, though.

Jason was offered a post-doc position in Milwaukee, so come August we will be packing up and leaving the Golden State for good.

We are thrilled to be leaving behind high rent and the Santa Anas, and are looking forward to thunderstorms, seasons, Lake Michigan, and living much much closer to all the grandparents. Native Californians think we're crazy for voluntarily moving back to a region with weather of any kind, and I'm sure we'll wax nostaligic about 70 degree days in January when we're up to our eyeballs in fleece and scarves and scraping ice off the car, but this Michigan Girl also remembers a certain romance to the cold months.

And, selfishly, I want Auden to grow up shuffling through Autum leaves, going sledding and eating snow off crusty mittens, rejoicing at the first crocuses to poke through in Spring, and luxuriating at the beach in the long days of summer.

I wonder if he will see these photos of his first months and wonder about the palm trees, the impossibly clear skies, the hillsides electrified by purple and pink bouganvillea, and wonder why we chose the Hometown of Schlitz over Our Dreamy California life.

And we will say, You wouldn't have had any character if we'd stayed in San Diego. Also, you would think it's acceptable to wear flip-flops year-round.

Then he'll giggle gleefully and go back to shoveling the driveway.



Jason said...

Dang that boy's cute! Such an outdoorsman! You didn't even tell the folks at home about changing the diaper twice in the wilderness. breathtaking!

Mieke said...

that's right! raise that boy to earn his flip flop wearing!

Dutch said...

milwaukee! how exciting. so close to chicago, and just a boat ride from ludington (does that boat still run?) I know a few people who've moved to Milwaukee and they say it's got character like detroit but people actually live there, which is nice. they all love it.

and we totally feel you on the raising a kid in the midwest. kids who grow up in california have such a skewed vision of reality, which you've described aptly.

robin said...

I think I've maintained a certain weather snobbery the entire time I've been here... because These People Just Don't Know Weather! And weather makes you interesting.

ms. c said...

Ha! I LOVE the 4 seasons, and (though, you're right, mid-January I long for warm sun), I wouldn't trade my snow for ANYTHING.

You can ALWAYS vaction in California...

Auden is just beautiful. I can't believe how fast he's growing (just like Sacha!). And you're right about the socks... In the first few weeks socks WOULD NOT stay on the baby's feet. Now, there's no problem at all! Oh...the little things. I just don't know how to capture them all!

*britt* said...

exCUSE me, but there is NOTHING wrong with wearing flip-flops year-round! i still have an impressive collection of close-toed shoes... with character! ((selfishly sticking out my tongue to conceal the fact that you are leaving me!))