Sunday, June 29, 2008

tummy time

There are things you just sort of find out about when you're pregnant, like don't feed honey to a baby less than a year old, beer helps your milk come in, breast-feeding is not good birth control, etc. There are also infant activities that seem to be mandated. One thing I hear all the time but, frankly, just don't understood, is the concept of tummy time... to me it's along the same lines as a "play date" -- something parents have always done but now has a hip and smart-sounding name.

It was something I pooh-poohed, along with the Baby %*#@$tein play thing (which also goes by the names "smart machine" and "genius tent" in our household), but which I now realize is the source of great entertainment. For me. And of course totally edifying for the babe.

Last night I gave Auden his first chance at tummy time, to see what all the other babies are up to.

I couldn't decide which video was funnier, so I'm posting them both. They're a little dark, hopefully you can make out the awesome face he makes in the second one (that one is short because I was laughing so hard the camera got all shaky).



fenna said...

I'm glad you're doing tummy time. yoga baby lotus and cobras! He sure is a face puller! this is how babies get the idea to crawl you know. So funny how futile it is in the beginning. like everything new! lots of grunting and face pulling. but that smile! he's lovin it!


ms. c said...

Ya, when I put Sacha on his tummy, I sometimes think it is cruel and unusal punishment. Especially when he burrows his face into the ground.

(As you know, I'm not one to do things because "they" say so, but I feel Sacha should at least have some time on his belly...)

Thanks for you comment on my post. Sorry that your boob gets poked- that is just too much. I could NOT keep my cool if that were to happen round here.

Ms. Planner said...

thanks for your comment on my blog. I read through some of yours and your little guy is so cute. I like what you have to say so if it is okay with you, I'll keep reading...