Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jason's baby: EDD June 27

Jason is in the final stretch of gestation. He's experiencing a bit of panic, self-doubt, and possibly some incredulity at the fact that delivery is so close at hand. He's not is as much pain as I was (can I get a witness?), but the process is still hard, and the event is still a milestone. Especially considering he's been growing this creature for a year and a half.

For this labor, though, he doesn't need a doctor, he's becoming a doctor. Um, of Philosophy, that is. Okay, enough of this silly metaphor.

His writing began in earnest around January of 2007, some months after we returned from Japan, and I half-way considered forming a support group for Spouses of the Dissertation so I wouldn't end up like Wendy on the steps of the Overlook Hotel, swatting at Jack with a bat. Just kidding. Sort of.

So I'm not sure who's happier about finishing. I think at this point it might be me, since he's still worried about, you know, making it turn out good. But really and truly, I am bursting with pride. He's finishing his degree in record time and proceding directly to an ideal post-doc position, where he'll be able to do the interdisciplinary-group-applied-research work that he's been aiming for. Time for some unbridled celebration: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

And, since I can't resist, here's Jason with his other baby:



Anonymous said...

remember how you felt when you were a few days late with A? Well that's about where I am with my baby. I want it out of me!

Robin Danely said...

oh, I know it... I wish there had been a "Birth Partner" for the dissertation.