Monday, September 22, 2008

you're lucky you're cute, kid


Jan said...

Wow - I figured he would be crawling by the time we get there, not walking! Tell that boy to slow down and take a breath! Hang in there, mom!

Anonymous said...

Hannah loves the movies of Auden you post (of course I do too)and will come to the computer and ask to 'see baby'. He's adorable! Hang in there Robin.:) I don't know that I've ever been zen about anything in life and I think that each kid has made me more laid back, but I'm all about the sleep routines. There are some kids it never works for, but it can be a mother's salvation.

ms. c said...

Oh WOW!! That's one awesome dude you've got there.

(And oh, I am feeling so happy that I am not a mommy war kind of girl, cuz with our babies being the exact same age and all it might depress me that Sacha isn't such a "genius" like Auden! ;) )