Wednesday, January 7, 2009

domestic tranquility

While Jason is spending a few days with his family, I'm holding down the home front and doing the baby wrangling on my own. It's decidedly less scary than the day that Jason went back to work and my mom flew home when Auden was just four days old, but I still needed to psyche myself up for it. My strategy is this: BE LIKE A SHARK AND KEEP MOVING. Here are some highlights.

The good:
  • Auden actually cuddled with me for a few minutes after his afternoon nap today. Anyone who has seen this kid in action knows how rare this is.
  • I made a delicious tofu moussaka for dinner yesterday, some amazing chocolate no-bake bars (per my mom's recipe... Fenna + energy = fennergy!) AND still had energy to work on some collages after Auden went to sleep. I rock.
  • A positive visit to the doc on Monday, who gave permission for Auden to eat just about anything. Suddenly, he's showing marked interest in Veggie Booty, oatmeal, and crackers.
The bad:
  • I'm feeling a wee bit cooped up in the house, running out of ideas and configurations of toys.
  • Also, endlessly picking things up and being on crankiness management/damage control.
  • The flip side of cuddliness is clingy-ness.
  • We miss papa.
The ugly:
  • Because of the sudden increase in, um, Veggie Booty, there have been some unscheduled blow-outs of distinct barnyard quality around here. Oof.
But on balance I'd say we're doing pretty well. We are both fed and clothed and the house is not a disaster. Tomorrow: art museum!



*britt* said...

mmm, veggie booty. although i love it, i may never view it the same after reading this.

Mommy Melee said...

Time alone with the kids is the hardest thing ever for me. It makes me wonder how the hell single parents do it.

Weirdly, it's not easier but somehow more satisfying when I'm alone with both of them. (I spent a lot of days alone with the Chipmunk before I had MJ, my husband was traveling constantly.) Now I feel like at least Chipmunk can keep me somewhat sane company while I'm having staring contests/feeding frenzies with the baby.

Or something.

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