Friday, January 16, 2009

send in the st. bernards

You know, with the casks of whiskey around their necks?

Because our furnace crapped out sometime during the night, and although I reached our landlady at 7am to tell her so, it's now 10am and no word. It's -12 degrees outside, people.

Our upstairs neighbor was nice enough to let us hang out with her for a couple hours -- apparently her side of the furnace is working just fine -- but she had to get on with her day, and I had to put Auden to sleep for his morning nap.

Yesterday, in lieu of going out for a walk, I bundled Auden into his stroller and just walked him around the house. Which is kind of funny if you've seen our house, because it takes all of 20 seconds to walk from one end to the other. But the wind chill was like 4o below, and there was no way I was going around the block. I did the same thing today, except it kind of feels like we actually are outside.

So, for the moment he's sleeping, and Jason and I are under the covers in bed, waiting for a phone call. This is so Not Cool.

It's frigid. It's ARCTIC.




Jan said...

Winter in the midwest certainly isn't for wimps! What a winter for your first one back north. I hope things have warmed up by now in your house.

Anonymous said...

did your no good landlord fix it yet? could it be the pilot light has gone out?


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