Saturday, July 11, 2009

little news, big news

If I had a nickel for every sentence that pops into my head and tries to become a blog post, I'd be, well, I'd be a well-paid and prolific blogger, that's what.

But I can't even sit down at the computer anymore without a squirrely and button-pushin'-y kid demanding to get up into my lap and wreak havoc with the control key. You know, demanding without words, which sounds like "eh! eh! eh! EH! EH! EH! EHHHH!" Which I can handle for all of none seconds before reeling back on the rolling chair yelling AHHHRRRGHHH OKAY let's read a book or push a truck or rip up some paper or hide the phone under the couch cushions or ANYTHING but go near the computer and anything related to it. Ahhrgh. I don't know why I think I can get anything done when he's awake.

So that means naptime is the time to write, except that naptime is also the time to feed myself, clean the house, make phone calls, and possibly make art. And diddle around and read stuff. I really have a lot I want to talk about, you guys, but it'd be easier if you could just come over, k?

So while I want to write a novella, what you get is a list:
  • Auden is now using sign language to tell jokes. Like, he puts a piece of hot dog on his head, signs "hat," and then grins and shakes his head no, no, no. It slays me.
  • The only thing he says with any consistency is "dahw-wayyyy," which I think I figured out is his best imitation of the Itsy Bitsy spider song (you know, dahw came the wayyyy and washed the spider out) It's totally cute.
  • He's also discovering temper tantrums! Like, WHY hadn't I thought of this before now? I'll fling myself to the ground and wail when I can't get what I want!
  • I finally got my motorcycle repaired, and rode it home the other day for the first time in TWO YEARS. I am a bad-ass, people.
  • I sold a painting from Starbucks last month. I'm not supposed to be associated with them IN PRINT, so you didn't read about that here.
  • I'm showing this painting at Hanle Production Studios for Milwuakee's gallery night on July 24th.
  • Oh, I'm putting more stuff up on Etsy soon.
  • Oh, and I'm pregnant.

Yes, it's true. Whew. I've been sitting on that one for a while.

I found out about six weeks ago, so I am more or less adjusted to things (read: I have gotten past the shock and HOLY SHIT of my first reaction), but I am still of two distinct minds on the whole subject.

One is like this: ooh yay I love being pregnant and wow magic and cute belly and people love you and ooh tiny baby and gurgly nuzzly soft sweetness and maybe this one will be a girl and ooh!

While the other one is more like this: Now I'm REALLY never going to make art. Or sleep. Or bathe on a regular basis. Crap. And why doesn't anyone tell you what's going to happen to your boobs after you stop breast-feeding?

But okay, really. It's awesome. Auden gets to be a big brother a few months shy of his 2nd birthday. Errr, wait a minute... terrible twos + brand new baby. I'd better blog now because you are not going to hear from me after February of 2010.


Mommy Melee said...


Andrea said...

Lovely and humorous post! I can soooooooo relate!!! Love you and can't wait to watch that belly grooooooooooooooooooow! ;)

x o

ms. c said...

WOW PREGNANT!! Many congratulations!

I find myself with a huge smile on my face. Your list of points was making me smile- each one was a wonderful (well, maybe except the whole tantrum thing!), and then PREGNANT! Way to just slip it in there.

Well that's great! I can't wait to read more about it, and then maybe read nothing more from you when the baby is born.

meeks said...

i coming soon! yay!!!