Thursday, July 30, 2009

more from the archives

It's art day and I'm utterly stuck and unmotivated with regards to the San Di Flor piece, so I'm going to haul a few more images out of the vault:

Jen With Peacock 2001

It's pastel on paper, and I believe I traded it for a massage. Well worth it!

These next two are part of a phase where I was really into doing the female figure, but didn't want to paint hair. I don't have a good reason why, other than I just didn't know how, and Jason endlessly made fun of me for my Bald Ladies.

This one is struggling with her wings, because, um, let's see... she's not sure she's Ready for the Responsibility:

What is a Hero 1999

And these three -- Fates? -- are playing out a racially charged drama wherein the white woman is dissing the women of color. See? She's all, "Talk to the hand!" but she's ashamed, too. (Full disclosure: I was involved in an anti-racist workshop in San Francisco at the time) Now it's hanging at my friend Naomi's house, and has been lovingly renamed "The Booty Painting":

But Some of Us Are Brave 1999

This last one I still like quite a bit. She is a dancer and was my best model. I love how simple it is:

Naomi in Blue 2003

Now talk amongst yourselves, I'm going back to the easel.



Emily said...

It's interesting that the last one, though the simplest, is really the best of the three (just ask me, the oblivious non-artist. Oh yeah, I'm the expert alright...). Why is that? Is it the composition, or is the message more subtle, or what? The other two are skillful, no doubt, but seem to have a more in-your-face message. And MAN, do those ladies have it going ON; that's some impressive tushage.

robin said...

Oh I completely agree. When I stopped being so didactic things started improving.

I don't think I was ever meant to be a political artist. Ask me later about the Bush painting...

Emily said...

Now I'm asking myself what I'd prefer: a picture of the *former* president, or a close-up of a vulva.
No, wait, there's no question. The lady bush wins

robin said...

Oh well, too bad: it's the other Bush. But now I know the next painting I'm doing for you!

meeks said...

that reference makes my think of the pictures in Breakfast of Champions: this is a woodland creature... this is where babies come from.

Anonymous said...

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