Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thickening, part two

Well, I'm just going to let it all hang out.

Because already my pants don't fit. And because the other day a clerk at the store said "Congratulations!" and I was all, sorry? Until she looked at my little pouchy belly and I realized I LOOK PREGNANT. Already.

Which is a ridiculous thing to be complaining about, seeing as how the first time around I couldn't wait to show and to show off. I tried to explain it to Jason, which made it sound even more ridiculous, but it's like it can't be real yet... Because it's not baby bump, it's lasagna-and-pancakes-and-cheesecake-for-dinner bump. So, great: I just look thick, and my belly button has popped out too, making an irresistible lift-the-shirt-and-poke-the-bump game for Auden, who recently discovered that We All Have a Belly Button.

"Is this partially hormonal?" Jason asked, meaning my concern about it, not the actual pouch itself.

Humph. I'm hungry. Let's go shopping.


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Emily said...

YE GADS. Why do husbands not realize that that kind of question is NEVER the right way to go? What, you think reducing my complex inner emotional turmoil to a microbiological level is going to help you out in some way? My reaction is going to be oh, yes, you're right - I'll just ignore my conflicted feelings about my quickly changing body form because it's just all molecules anyway. Pssht. "Is it hormonal? - I'LL give you hormonal, mister, when I'm good and ready. THIS is me, just me in all my multifaceted glory."(huffs,exasperated, and stomps away)

p.s. oooo!Baby bump! (waffles, teeters, falls)