Monday, February 7, 2011


I am under Isla's spell. I will make any number of cute things for her.

Most recently, the darling Pixie Cap:

I joined a Ravelry group by the lovely and talented Wood over at Woodcraft, and I love how a lot of the projects are easy enough for me to even want to try them. This pattern is just a rectangle of stockinette that you fold and sew up the back...

...and then attach an inch-wide strap along the bottom bottom, with a little button to secure it.

I love the shape -- it keeps ears warm without getting in eyes, and it looks like a little hershey's kiss, too. I could eat her up! Well, I could do that with or without the hat.


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Emily of Deutschland said...

OMG, I am joining ravelry and making that hat RIGHT NOW. I started on some baby booties yesterday and now I've gotten to up the point in my friend's instructions where she stopped explaining and I DON'T WANT TO WAIT TO CONTINUE! It's torture! My hands were so happy to finally be DOING something, and now I am stuck.

Ravelry! Hat!