Monday, February 21, 2011

not a scarf

It's the scarf that never was! My very first knitting project, turned into something useful after all.

It's not a cowl, because it's not one continuous piece, but it's not a scarf either. I discovered there is such a thing as a pidge, which this most resembles. I turned a dropped stitch into a button hole, and sewed the opposite end to the inside edge. So here, an accidental pidge:

Cerulean blue is my all-time favorite color, and it predominates in my wardrobe after black and gray. I'm trying to diversify, really. Ask my sister: I have like four green sweaters now. Green!

Anyway, I have a metric ton of this wool left, so this accidental pidge is going to my gorgeous friend Kathy in Kyoto, who just had a birthday, and has some seriously sassy Zara boots that will match nicely.

Maybe I'll make another one on purpose.


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