Saturday, February 5, 2011

the workout on the way to and from the workout

Today I take Auden to play outside in the snow, and work up a sweat shoveling paths in the backyard so we can run through the maze. Come in, make the obligatory cup of hot cocoa, and when Isla gets up, hustle to get snacks packed and kids suited up to go to the Kroc Center.

Auden runs all over the house when I tell him it's time to go. Isla wants to nurse again. I'm hungry already. The car seats need to be buckled in, and then the kids. Two bags. Brush snow off the car.

Get to the Kroc, wrangle them inside, Isla squirming and Auden dawdling, wrestle them out of coats and boots, deposit them in child care. Work out for exactly 24 minutes while watching lame TLC programming and letting my brain be mush. Hustle to take a shower and get dressed in order to pick up the kids by 12:30pm. Couple minutes late; the child care people give me looks.

Haul coats and bags and children to lobby, give Auden milkshake, Isla wants to nurse again. Try to give snacks, facilitate mess-making instead. Change Isla's poopy diaper. They take turns getting wet in the fountain. I squeeze Isla between my legs while I put Auden's coat on. Oh! Now he has to pee. And where are his boots? Fucking hell.

Kids and bags and boots all back out to the car, buckled in, songs requested, chubby hands full of crackers. Sweating again.



Emily of Deutschland said...

Oooch. So it doesn't necessarily get easier when you have two kids? Crap! :)

But seriously, girl - I don't know what the Kroc center is, but the downtown YMCA is the BOMB. My SIL goes there with her three kids (twins and a 3 yr old) multiple times a week and I've been with her when I was home for a visit. We ZUMBA!-ed. It was excellent.

It's a very new, very well-maintained facility with great classes and a really good childcare area (the staff actually do activities and so forth w your kids, etc). And they certainly will take your kids for longer than 30 minutes. They also have a whirlpool. You know, in case all you want to do is sit in warm, bubbly water and NOT wipe any noses for a little while. Check it out!

Robin Danely said...

Oh no... don't get me wrong: the Kroc Center itself is awesome. The facility is brand new, they have zumba, yoga, the child care is great -- it's just that they close at 12:30 and I didn't get there until like 11:45. Because it takes so long to leave the house. So.

Next time I'll just do the hot tub.