Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sir Auden the Brave

I now have the feeling that when Auden is grown up and working at the Renaissance Faire as a jousting knight, he will say, "I've been wanting to do this since I was three years old." And it will be totally true.

He's been writing his name on his drawings more and more, to our great surprise, but now he writes it perfectly backwards:

(with some variations in spelling):

I have no idea what to make of it. He arranges the fridge magnets from right to left, too. He has great... spatial... understanding?

Here is his letter to Santa (with a little help on some of those letters):

 "Sir Knight Auden" -- the 'brave' to be added after school

It kills me how singularly dedicated he is to being a knight. There are other toys, sure (including the $3 Buzz Lightyear we scored at Savers the other day: Mom, I'm hugging Buzz! Mom, Buzz is my friend!), but there is really only one game:

This weekend we're going to the Armory Museum in Worcester, and I'm reeeeeaaaalllllyy looking forward to seeing him lose his ever-loving mind.



Anonymous said...

oh no, a case of dyslexia! he is SO cute though-- love the knight costume!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! And no worries about the backwards writing - we're still wondering if Hannah learned Hebrew or Arabic on the side.:) I love the pictures he drew!

Mieke Stoub said...

I love his E. It's got fringe!

Anonymous said...

That boy is good at wielding both the pen and the sword!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I came thru as anonymous again - haven't really figured this out yet! Jan

Anonymous said...

I love his drawings!

trudi said...

The backward writing is totally developmental! I forget the reason, but it has something to do with the way kids see shapes and do not yet see that it matters what way it goes. It the same shape whatever way they look at it, kind of like a tree is a tree. No need to worry! His drawings are great! What an imagination he has!

jdg said...

you just let me know when sir auden is ready for some real steel armor. I have a couple of knights who will probably be ready for retirement by then.

Robin Danely said...

Jim, I wasn't going to let Auden see the armor you made because OH, THE JEALOUSY. My armor looks like it's made out of tinfoil, damn you!

But we'll be more than happy to take it off your hands when your knights get too big. ;)

Fenna Diephuis Stoub said...

I'm thinking the backwards writing is a really great sign that his left and right brain are exquisitely integrated. Mozart was able to talk backwards and also play the piano upside down and backwards.

I love his E's too. they look like combs!

his drawings are fabulous.